Saturday, 19 October 2013

Independent Verification Scheme for Stormwater Treatment Devices (IVS)
- The Road Map Report

Over the past 20 years, there has been an increasing focus in Australia and overseas on the need to manage urban stormwater quality in addition to its traditional quantity context (Engineers Australia 2006). In response to these needs, - a number of proprietary and not proprietary treatment devices have been developed by the market and their numbers are constantly evolving.

The advent of these treatment devices poses a need for a consistent and verifiable performance database to inform the fair and technically robust assessment and selection processes for treatment of stormwater. As the stormwater treatment devices market expands - the lack of published data on their performance becomes more apparent (Victorian Stormwater Committee 1999), while detailed field monitoring is also very scarce (Wong et al. 2000). 

The combination of a large number of devices, a lack of reporting protocols and standard methods and only a small number of detailed monitoring studies has resulted in a large uncertainty in stormwater treatment devices selection. Local government, which is largely responsible for the implementation and management of stormwater infrastructure in Australia, is dependent on in-house expertise and manufacturer’s advice in selecting appropriate stormwater treatment strategies. 

Given the current limited state of knowledge and increasing use of stormwater as a resource, interest in the adequate management and treatment of stormwater will continue to grow. 

Independent discussions with local government, water authorities and stormwater industry professionals in Australia revealed interest in the documentation and development of guidelines and frameworks to assist in the system design, product selection and evaluation to ensure adequate stormwater treatment and management. 

Melbourne Water Corporation in recognition of this industry need engaged Iouriv Water Solutions Pty Ltd to prepare a road map paper on the development of an independent verification scheme for stormwater treatment devices and the IVS Road Map report presenting the findings and conclusions from this study has now been released for public consultation via the Stormwater Industry Association (SIA) website:

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